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Tantric Journey is a healing and awakening technique based upon the Ancient principles of Tantra and Tao combined with ground-breaking Western knowledge to create a powerful and transformative form of session capable of releasing trauma at a cellular level within the body.

Tantric Journey is not a form of sexual service and nor is it focused upon exclusively treating one’s sexual organs; instead it is a healing modality that treats the whole of your being.

Tantra accepts and harnesses sexual energy as a route to higher consciousness, and this has been largely misconstrued to mean that Tantra is focused upon the pursuit of sexual ecstasy – this not the aim of authentic Tantra practitioners.

The term Tantra means to weave or expand and the work conducted during a Tantric Journey session works on subtle energies within the body to remove negative blockages at cellular level; enhance spiritual and personal growth and promote physical wellbeing.

Tantric Journey takes the whole body and whole person into account and works with five different bodies:

1.    The physical body

2.    The energetic / emotional body

3.    The spiritual body

4.    The mental body

Tantric journey’s aim is to release trapped, obstinate emotions so that you can celebrate life again and bodywork performed during a session is extremely effective in aiding a range of symptoms and illnesses including:

1.    Loss of interest in sex

2.    Difficult to experience an orgasm

3.    Intercourse is painful

4.    Unable to experience Amrita (ejaculate) and fully let go

5.    Vaginismus – involuntary vaginal contractions

6.    Fear of sex, intimacy or love

7.    Unable to find a suitable partner

8.    Unable to maintain a long term relationship

9.    Unable to speak the truth to solve problems

10. Feeling insecure, unable to trust, lack confidence

11. Unhappy with the body

12. Addictions

13. Emotional, stress, body aches, insomnia

14. Poor menstruation

15. Menopause discomfort

16. Fertility issues

17. Mental depression

18. Other sexual dysfunction

Whereas mainstream medicine typically requires medication and long treatment plans and many hours of talking therapy. Tantric Journey produces effective results in a relatively short time span because it is able to directly access the negative emotions that are stored/trapped within the body and release them, through a unique form of bodywork.

Tantra is itself a vast and total life path of spiritual awakening and Tantric Journey draws on this and other holistic modalities, alongside new groundbreaking insights; to perform a holistic treatment plan that allows women and men to take control of the sexual energy within their bodies and eliminate traumatic experiences at a cellular level.

Treatment plans are always defined by each individual client. It is important to recognize that it is always your journey and as such the course of treatment starts and finishes at a point you are comfortable with for example, bodywork can be performed with clothes on or off.

A session will always start with talking and listening, where you will have an opportunity to ask questions, set a treatment plan and express any treatment outcome aims, concerns or reasons for coming for this session. The next stage of the session will be to connect with you to make you feel safe and comfortable then to proceed with Kundalini meditation to still the busy mind and yoga to loosen the stiff body, then to proceed with deep relaxing bodywork. This is where deep tissue massage is used to transform areas of numbness into places of pleasure (through subtle pain) thus releasing emotional trauma that has been trapped at cellular level. The final stage of treatment is the yoni massage for women and lingam/prostate massage for men which is used to clear away deepest emotional trauma.

 This text is mainly from the site of tantric journey. I am trained by Mal Weeraratne